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HALO is an especially high-end good looking helmet that will stand out in the market as the high-quality fashion garment.


For people that also like to dress nicely in good looking shoes and maybe a nice handbag - Why settle for plastic film helmet?


This helmet has an exceptionally strong structure that makes it perfect and safe for an e-bike.

HALO is an e-bike specific helmet that also looks perfect for regular bikes.


Safety can be fashionable.

HALO looks great and provides excellent protection.

A protective yet fashionable bike helmet.

It is durable protection and retro aesthetics that makes the HALO helmet desirable wear.


The HALO helmet combines finely stitched vegan leather with a ABS shell for better impact absorption.


The leather-look distinguishes it from other helmets and places it within the range of high-end accessories.

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